Client Testimonials

appliance repair

Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we have many, many satisfied home appliance repair customers.

While we are confident in our abilities, we know that as a savvy customer, you cannot simply take us at our word. To give you the confidence you need to choose us, read some customer testimonials below.

“I had been having trouble with my dryer off and on for months. Half the time I was drying my clothes at the laundromat around the corner despite having other repair services come out to fix the problem. When I called The A Team Appliance Repair, a technician showed up within an hour and had my dryer fixed in no time. No problems since.”

–Sandra, Scarborough

“One day I came downstairs to grab breakfast and realized my refrigerator sounded too loud. I didn’t think this was normal, but I wasn’t sure, so I called The A Team Appliance Repair. They were at the house within a few hours and told me that the problem was bigger than I had thought and could have permanently damaged the refrigerator. It was a good thing I called when I did.”

–Adam, Richmond Hill

“Right after a dinner party, my dishwasher stopped working. I pressed the buttons and nothing happened. The A Team Appliance Repair came out the same day I called and got it working again. It was a huge relief because my house was a mess. If I have another appliance problem, I will call them again.”

–Carla, Mississauga

“The other day, I went to set out some meat to thaw for dinner only to find it was already partially thawed in the freezer. While I couldn’t save everything, I wanted to get my freezer fixed before I lost hundreds in groceries. The A Team Appliance Repair arrived quickly and had my freezer up and running in a few hours.”

–Ashley, Toronto

“My refrigerator quit working after a bad storm. The lights went out, and when they came back on, my refrigerator didn’t. I was afraid that the appliance was garbage and that the food inside would be too, but The A Team Appliance Repair was able to fix it. We did go get a few coolers and ice so they had the time needed to fix it, but in the end, both the refrigerator and food were saved.”

–Michael, Barrie

“The A Team Appliance Repair was fast to arrive, friendly, and quick to finish. I appreciate that they didn’t leave a mess behind like some other companies I have worked with. I will be calling them the next time an appliance stops working.”

–Martha, Toronto

“It took a little while to get the part they needed to fix my dishwasher, but they still finished the same day I called. I am happy with their service and would use them again.”

–Edwin, Oshawa

“I had a bad appliance week, needing help from The A Team Appliance Repair twice due to a busted washer and then my stove. In both cases, they were there quickly and finished within two hours. While I am happy with their service, I am hoping I won’t need to call them for a while.”

–April, Hamilton